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CHRIST-MAS is unequivocally the “Gift” giving season...We give gifts to those we love, those we don’t care for, and those who expect us to buy a gift for them. CHRIST-MAS has become the most BOTHERSOME and over COMMERCIALIZED celebration of all the other religious and secular celebrations. Even the so-called Christians over celebrate CHRIST-MAS. And, to add misery to the ignorance of it all, the majority of people and “Christian” people don’t know the history of CHRIST-MAS. But, there is a remedy. In the words of my great late mother, “WELL, WELL WELL.” That was her expression when she had a bright idea or solution for something. So, Well, to shine some abbreviated history on CHRIST-MAS, O Ministries Inc. has chosen to share a one-week devotional reading centered around PROPHECY and FRUITION.

Prayerfully, I invite you to join me. Let’s joyfully walk through the Bible the week before CHRIST-’MAS for some old and new learning. The focus and purpose are to learn what the Bible teaches about the Prophecies of JESUS coming into this world and the fruition of them unfolding in the New Testament. TRULY “JESUS” WAS AND IS THE GREATEST GIFT EVER GIVEN TO THE WORLD...JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD, AND SAVIOR…


If you dedicate ten minutes each day to read your CHRIST-MAS celebration will be awestruck.


Dear Heavenly FATHER,

Thank you, FATHER, for your divine CHRIST-mas light shinning to enable us to understand the real reason for the season. May GOD in JESUS’ name Bless us all as we take the spiritual devotional reading plunge before shopping for non-spiritual people-pleasing gifts. - Amen in JESUS name.

O. M. Nugget:


Daily Reading Expository Study Schedule:

  • Sunday, 12/19/2021: Isaiah 7:14-17. Luke 1:39-45

  • Monday, 12/20/21: Isaiah 9:6-7. Luke 1:46-56

  • Tuesday, 12/21/2021: Isaiah 11:1-5. Luke 2:1-5

  • Wednesday, 12/22/21: Isaiah 11:6-10. Luke 2:6-7

  • Thursday, 12/23/2021: Isaiah 40:1-5. Luke 2:8-12

  • Friday, 12/24/2021: Isaiah 52:7-10. Luke 2:13-14

  • Saturday, 12/25/2021: Jeremiah 33:14-16. Luke 2:15-18

Food For Thought :

God Has A Way Of Using Those The World Calls Nobodies.” -Sandy Smith

O Ministries Inc. Strong At Work 2021

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