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☆Week-ending Manna: “A MIRACLE...”☆

I woke up early and said to the LORD. “I Need A Miracle...” As I opened my email thinking my sister’s burial dress was on it’s way. But, unfortunately I learned they didn’t have the dress in stock when they okayed the order...So, then I thought I was back to square one. Frantically, I began praying and searching the internet again. But, unbeknown to me GOD heard my pre-dawn prayer and had already put an angel on assignment with the MIRACLE answer. In the meantime of me to find out that GOD had already answered the prayer this is what happened.

One of my close, dear and beloved sisters in CHRIST and a praying women called to check on me and my family. As we were ending the call she said...”Do you need anything?” Immediately, I said yes, would you please agree with us in prayer that we find a dress very soon for our sister to be buried in. She said yes and assured me it was already done In JESUS name. Then, only a few moments after we ended the conversation the angel on assignment by GOD called me. It was a young man name Jermey from Anaheim, California. He was calling from the same dress company the previous out of stock order was made. He said...”Hey I have been trying to contact you via email and text message. He went on to say I have sent you “5”(the number of grace) dresses in stock in the color you wanted and the size you requested. If, you are still in need of a dress all you have to do is select the one you want now...It was a hard choice to decide because WE know GOD only sends good and perfect gifts. The young angel on assignment by GOD stayed on the telephone with me and my sisters until the order was complete. He also said they were only shipping orders out once per week due to COVID-19. BUT...his supervisor okayed for our shipment to be shipped out Friday 4/17/20 with no additional charge. Guaranteed to arrive 4/20/2020...Look at GOD!

I am not sure what a MIRACLE looks like to you BUT to me and my sisters that was a HOLY DIVINE MIRACLE from our HOLY LIVING FATHER! Oh! Oh ! Oh! and yes...We tell GOD thank you for:

“5” Grace-ful Things... 1) MIRACLES STILL DO HAPPEN! 2) IF, you tell GOD everything you need and stand back and watch HIS great GRACEFUL hand go to work, Proverbs 3:5-6 will stand up and out concerning you. 3) THE PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS HAVE POWER AND AUTHORITY! (James 5:16b) 4) Life will always be good for the Saints of GOD!(Romans 8:28) Hallelujah I am a Witness. 5) Read 1 Thessalonians 5:18 in it’s entirety and notice...

GIVING GOD THANKS IS FOR “YOU!”(Your good) My beloved O.M. family be encouraged during these dark pandemic times and different storm seasons. Surely, GOD is speaking out loud...AND...He is in total control.

WHATEVER...happens it’s for GOD’s glory and our good. Last, thought...Have you noticed that GOD has the WORLD in need of one another?

It’s called. “TRUSTING GOD WHOLLY WHILE HELPING OTHERS IN THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES.” May we all Look to GOD in JESUS name. Amen. ~Eternal Blessings, O.M.Inc.

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