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O Ministries Inc. (Obedience unto GOD) is a ministry of empowerment that seeks to mentor, teach, and train the body of CHRIST to be mentally and spiritually equipped.


Our mission and goals are to Holistically incorporate our true Holy Bible beliefs to all ages, races, gender, national origin, and age-appropriate members of the Body of CHRIST. O Ministries Inc. teaches how to honor and glorify GOD first through teaching sound biblical doctrine that promotes mentoring, personal, professional, and spiritual growth.


O Ministries Inc. will seek to establish the three self foundations:

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-image

​By teaching and training CHRIST's body, we expect all to learn their purpose, spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities. O Ministries Inc. unequivocally promotes GOD first and family second.



O. Ministries Inc.’s vision is to enlarge the Ministry Multiplication Teams to help grow the Ministry. We recognize that well-taught and trained ministry teams can assist in bringing global spiritual awareness to the body of CHRIST. Our vision is predicated on growing strong ministry multiplication teams with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leadership.

It has been ingrained in people to know who they are. However, if one doesn’t know how to seek GOD first, their purpose in life could be hidden; it lays dormant during primary cycles in their life. Knowing your worth will empower your purpose in life. Therefore, our goal is to develop close community teams to have a close spiritual relationship with one another that is devoted and focused on CHRIST.


We believe this approach supports the preparation and reach the masses. We also realize that the Ministry is more than organizing workshops, seminars, retreats, and festival celebrations. Although we highly respect those avenues. We see them as ways of outreach that can bring change, new refreshing, and growth for Ministry Leaders through the leading work of the Holy Spirit.

O Ministries strongly advocate deliverance, witnessing, mental, spiritual, and physical healing as a primary ministry strategy.  Like a perfect army drill formation, O Ministries Inc. stands ready to engage in unlimited intercessory prayer with those whom GOD entrusts us to shepherd until deliverance, healing, and freedom are complete.

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