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O Ministries Inc. 

O Ministries Inc. was established and launched from the Father's mere promise, who tested my obedience onto Him.

It began with a desire to mentor women only. For 14 years, I was a women's ministry leader for ages 18-60. I experienced in direct, hands-on mentoring. ‘Sisters in Waiting’ was a mentoring women ministry with sub-groups of three. Each sub-group had a leader.

After the plan of God was completed in ‘Sisters In Waiting,’ God led me into a two-year total Solitary Confinement. The purpose was to teach me what ‘Ministry Calling’ really is. To understand that Ministry is not just a public platform, but wherever God calls you to serve. Two years of just walking with God, obeying His every command, praying, and fasting to perfect the calling and to birth, for full activation of the gifts He gifted within me. Through many trials and misunderstandings about the call on my life,’ I preserved and obeyed God, that I might receive the promise from Him. As a result of challenging obedience, uncertainty, and many sleepless nights, 3:00 A.M. Class with the Father, extreme fasting and prayer, isolated Shut-Ins, the promise of O Ministries Inc. “Obedience Unto God” was released.

God will use the gifts He has endowed upon me to teach, train, and coach His people. O Ministries Inc. is not a ministry for women only, but to reach all God’s people regardless of gender or race (as God commanded).


O Ministries Inc. is my passion for showcasing what total obedience unto God can birth in the lives of all that are called and chosen by God. God commands me to broadcast this Ministry via text messaging, email, social media, and prayer line. And just as God commanded Abraham to obey, so I must heed and obey His command.

I pray that God will unfold powerfully in my life to do as He called me to do; that my obedience unto Him will once more be the major outreach to His people before His return (Matthew 28:19-20)

Quick to Obey,

Dr. Sharon Watson

B. S. Ed., M. Th., D. Min.

I.F.O.C. Senior Ordained Chaplain

Executive Servant Leader
Ep. 3:20


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