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Since 2015 I have watched young daughters' spiritual vessels being depleted due to a lack of spiritual guidance, spiritual nurturing, and spiritual mentoring. I once witnessed a very young woman, pregnant, who traveled from Arkansas to Texas seeking prayer from O Ministries Inc. She was at the end of her pregnancy. She testified that she traveled against her doctor's orders so that she and her baby could be prayed for and receive the laying of anointed hands. That sacred incident solidified O Ministries Inc.'s thirst and desire to mentor, teach, and train. 

Spiritual Daughters Website Graphic

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled."

Matthew 5:6

O Ministries Inc.'s Spiritual Daughters Ministry is a near and dear ministry to my spiritual heart. The prayers to do MORE with young daughters began in 2015. Suddenly, the launching of O Ministries Inc.'s Spiritual Daughters Ministry came into fruition in 2021. It was methodically presented before the Lord through deep fasting, prayer, and consecration.


As a result, GOD answered my prayers and divinely handcrafted "O Ministries Inc.'s Spiritual Daughters for all ages." And, like all other organized ministries, the Spiritual Daughters Ministry must have a foundation. 

Spiritual Daughters Website Graphic
Spiritual Daughters Website Graphic

Setting the foundation to become an O Ministries Inc. Spiritual Daughter is sacred and requires a membership process and spiritual training. Our twelve-week spiritual journey introduces Spiritual Daughters to spiritual nuggets to help transform lives into strong vessels GOD can use.


Spiritual components will be taught to guide you into being a better you in the Lord, how to recognize your inner worth, how to pray Christ-centered prayers for truth in your relationships and personal wholeness in every arena of life. 

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