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B. S. Ed., M. Th., D. Min.

I.F.O.C. Senior Ordained Chaplain

Servant Leader

Greetings, My Beloved
Sisters and Brothers

I am Dr. Sharon Carol Watson. Servant Leader and CEO for O Ministries Inc. A ministry that strives to obey all the commands of GOD. I decree divine blessings upon you for browsing into obedience territory to read and learn all about us. I am a fortified woman of GOD. I dedicate daily, purpose-driven time to praying and interceding for the people in the presence of GOD.


My family and I Live in Dallas, Texas. I presently serve as Executive Director of our Accredited Preparatory Preschool. I happily grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a B.S. degree in Special Education and a minor in Elementary Education. My Master's of theology and doctorate of divinity was earned from Vision International University. Out of the Loin of my parents, I am the 7th child of 12 children. My six living sisters are the pearls of my life. My siblings and I grew up, joined, and served at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church under Rev. J. L. Lawson's leadership. I was baptized into the body of Christ at eight years old after confessing my love and desire to be saved and serve GOD. 


I rededicated my life to GOD on Feb. 21, 1980, at Moore's Dry Cleaners in Blytheville, Ark. This encounter changed my adult life suddenly and infused me to walk with GOD consistently. Amazingly, I was reborn on my birthday. I relocated to Dallas in 1981, which was a significant blessing. I joined Saintsville Church of God In Christ under the leadership of Bishop J.N. Haynes. Faithfulness, respect, and obedience were character traits I exhibited toward my pastor's leadership. Then, in 1983 I met and joyfully married my husband, Leroy. We have been blessed with two boys and four girls.​

Early Ministry

Teaching and training is my passion. Fourteen years after teaching public school, I resigned to pursue my heart's desire to open my own preparatory preschool. In 1995 a surprising shift came into my life. My Pastor appointed me vice president of the Young Women Christian Council. It is a woman's auxiliary designed to assist the Mothers of the church in whatever capacity necessary. It served as prayer intercessors, organizers for outreach ministry, motivational speakers, and facilitators. Then in 1996, I was promoted to President. This was a major spiritual challenge. As I struggled to teach the women, GOD taught me how to be a successful anointed women's ministry leader.


Then, in 2005 GOD made way for me to go to a women's spiritual encounter. It revolutionized my life and the impact of a ministry leader. GOD  divinely  ushered the Young Women Christian Council  into a "season of waiting." We reconnected with GOD forming a sincere, loving relationship with HIM. Through fortified prayer, fasting, shut-ins, and mentoring groups, we learned the real meaning of seeking GOD's face. Our sacred obedience activated our dormant gifts, equipped us with authority, and released us to go and serve the nations after 14 years of testing and learning to lead the young women GOD's way. HE  proved to "me" HIS authenticity.


And Suddenly, again in 2007, GOD made another massive transition in my life. He ushered me into the season of divine isolation. Out of holy fearful obedience, I quickly OBEYED GOD.
Like the peace in the middle of a storm, On July 21, 2007, GOD pinned the name O Ministries Inc. on me!

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