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ALL IS WELL Sunrise: 9|19|1952 * Sunset: 4|4|2020

When the Mercury rises unawarely, merciful GOD always has a comforting message. O.M. family please bear with me. Today’s exhortation is extremely painful and personal for me to write and share. Though the pain is intense, this post is still meant to bring GOD glory. To those of you who know me on a personal level are aware of my joyful, graphic and loving conversations about my beloved second oldest big sister Delores aka... “Big Aunty”❤ Whitehead. Yesterday, was a glorious day in the sight of GOD as HE called her name and she answered. She peacefully received her heavenly wings. And, we all remembered to sincerely tell GOD thank you!

Prior to my sister answering the one and only Commander and Chief, I had a beautiful dream Saturday morning before daybreak. I dreamed... ANGELS were singing to me in Heaven. It was very clear and beautiful. The Angels surrounded me in a small circle singing “All is well, all is well when a thousand years have passed us by, all is well, all is well.” The more they repeated the song the circle got smaller. Their serenading turned into graceful slow motion. As, the ANGELS got closer to me they kissed me using a beautiful long gold instrument. It was such a warm and peaceful kiss. I woke rejoicing uncontrollably out loud. My daughter said my rejoice lasted an hour. And, just as the ANGELS were singing “All is well...” I can honestly say ALL is well. I thank GOD for comforting and preparing my soul before mercury’s escalation broke into my family again. Even-though this is a very difficult place and time for me and my family while dealing with the onset of COVID-19.

But...“WE STILL TELL GOD THANK YOU...” For, we know that all the praise, all the glory, all the honor belong to GOD and GOD alone. Thank you O.Ministries Inc. family and friends for your intercessory prayers as we enter into our solemn season of thankful grieving unto GOD.

O.M. Nugget: “IN SPITE OF IT ALL...ALL IS WELL.” Expository reading and study: Revelation 5:12-13. Revelation 14:6-7 and verse 13. O.Ministries Inc. Strong At Work Helping Spread The Good News In 2020.

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