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Lifetime Dream Trip To Israel:

Dreams and prayers have a peculiar way of coming into fruition. When, my relationship with GOD elevated I began to dream about actually walking where JESUS walked. I became spiritually obsessed with the desire to visit the HOLY LAND. Then, in 2006 GOD spoke to me and said...”If I Obeyed HIM wholly during a challenging assignment HE had a big blessing for me.” I obeyed wholly. Then, one year after the assignment I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Israel. This was absolutely my dream trip of a lifetime. I joyfully joined and went along with a close and dear friend and her group of women who desired to visit and walk Israel too. The day we met at the airport GOD spoke to me and said...”THIS IS THE BIG BLESSING I HAD FOR YOU.” After arriving in Israel I daily felt the peace and comfort of GOD.

I was intrigued during the entire visit with the landmarks still there claiming history over two thousand years ago. Every excursion was a sacred unforgettable experience. My most memorable and breathtaking visitation was in the garden of Gethsemane. Truly GOD is a PROMISE KEEPER!

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