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Day 3:


There are some things we know for sure that we should be THANKFUL for.

We know...All over the world, people are going through a lot of mental stress that's causing physical health to decline. There are overflows of how- to’s. Most of them are pointing solely to man and his-suppose to be best practices. However, there is a spoiler alert available. All you have to do is read your Bible and exercise what you learn. The word of GOD is the beginning of all wisdom and knowledge.

Be mindful that your mental health is inexorably linked to the quality of your life and physical health. So, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is first and foremost. It is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Remember...your family needs you and so does the Body Of CHRIST!

We know...The world is currently struggling under a deadly pandemic; COVID-19. It appears to be the main topic of discussion. With the exception of the USA. Our President is attempting to REWRITE the CONSTITUTION for his benefit. We are definitely in a mental crisis. HOWEVER, ”JESUS is the answer...Hold on HE is on the way!”

Remember...To safeguard the interests of self and community, keep in mind IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU!

Please do not wait until you or those around you are on the brink of breaking down; seek help right away. It can be the SAVING GRACE during this ongoing crisis in these UNPRECEDENTED TIMES.

The Challenge:

Want to know if your mental and physical sanctity is properly aligned? Do a simple mental and physical wellness test.

Call To Action:

Do a ”Because I Love You” curbside or social distance wellness check on someone you love today.

Share your thoughts and comments!

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