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#GOD Calling...#Repentance...

Beloved O.M. Family, Hashtag is a common way of expressing attention in the age we live in. If you really want to get the attention of people now days use a HASHTAG and eyebrows rise up high. #GOD IS CALLING FOR #REPENTANCE... Remember, BEFORE COVID-19 people in our country were doing there own thing. Our President leads the line doing what he wants to do...But, not only him some of us are too. And, in other parts of the world doing exactly what they want. The USA or others in the world are not considering what GOD want. And, the great USA is suppose to be a GOD fearing country...At the rate of Holy disrespect the USA and the world is operating, perhaps the anger of GOD could no longer be kindled. Perhaps, perhaps GOD said...”ENOUGH.” And allowed the plague COVID-19 to halt the world. Then, perhaps GOD said...”CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” While many opinions have come and will continue to come about COVID-19 it’s one thing I am sure of...

“GOD IS CALLING.” And when GOD calls, a change has to come. Whether we like it or not. And, GOD’s change always begin with REFORMATION 1st. GOD, doesn’t do anything new until HIS people sincerely REPENT. This was the Israelites problem and some of the old testaments kings. They preferred to do their thing over what GOD had commanded. Now, here we are in the midst of a worldwide plague and semi-quarantine still kicking against what belongs to GOD. “THE EARTH IS LORD’S AND (ALL )THE FULLNESS THERE IN...” Our great GOD gave us limited authority to rule and have dominion, but not to DOMINATE...Wake up Family, research and study the times we are in. #GOD IS CALLING...#REPENT AND BE SAVED GOD’S WAY#THEN GOD WILL HEAL THE LAND#WATCH.

Dear Heavenly FATHER, Thank you for calling the world to stop and pay attention to your plan of salvation. Thank you that none of your plans or your word can be altered to fit personal cause or gain. Thank you for calling your people to a season of repentance to be saved according to your plan and way. In JESUS name amen.

O.M. Nugget: “HAPPY ANSWERING GOD’s CALLING MOTHER’S DAY 2020.” Expository Study: Ezra 10:1-16.

O.Ministries Inc. Strong At Work Helping Spread The Good News In 2020.

#confession1st #repentance2nd #obey3rd #HEALING OF THE LAND4th #ONLY GOD’S WILL5th.

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