“Who has believed our message? To whom has the LORD revealed his powerful arm?”

Isaiah 53:1 NLT

Every day, we get “reports” from the local and world news, our experiences, our friends and family, and many other sources. We also get reports from the Word of God, which oftentimes contradict what others are saying. For example, wrong is right...and right is wrong. Then, there is the undisputed one, the “GOOD NEWS” about what GOD is doing in the NOW, the present now.

Even though we are living in a world full of contrasting reports. And Satan, the evil adversary, loves to give his world’s system reports full of fear and lies. But GOD, our great, all-powerful GOD, Reigns, and He is still giving his servants a Blessed and true report. Hallelujah, the Word of GOD’S Will, is still the report Authority, Dominion, and Power for the whole world today.

Let us just agree with scripture. “Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” Psalm 1:1-2. It is an honor to present the O Ministries Inc. 2nd quarter 2022 Manna News Report attached in the link below. Enjoy!


Please click the graphic below and enjoy

O Ministries Inc’s 2nd Quarter 2022 Manna News Report



We serve a supernatural GOD who does supernatural things so that supernatural reports can be reported.


Dear Heavenly FATHER,

O Ministries Inc’s Ministry. Help us to stay anchored down in your Word that says. . .