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Day 5:


Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children. Proverbs 17:6

Personal Testimony

Being a parent and grandparents is the most favored employment GOD could have bestowed on creation. When my late husband and I began to start our family we were overjoyed to know our abilities to procreate were fertile. I can clearly remember with sadness in my heart the days, weeks, and months my husband spent asking me very gently to consider being a stay home mom. That was absolutely out of the question for me. I was a multi- degreed young woman climbing the career ladder. At that time I thought that was blasphemy to my hard-earned education and active career. I didn't know or understand that perhaps GOD was using my husband to bring awareness to the importance of being a GODLY stay in place mother. I can honestly say my husband was an EXCELLENT PROVIDER and maybe he saw the success of my career and wanted that privately for our children. So, staying home would not have been a financial struggle for the family. However, because I didn't attempt to listen or pray about my husband's request I struggled. Trying to home school my children in the evenings after work and on weekends along with all my other mom, wife, and church duties.

When I look back I regret the sin of selfishness that was in my life during that time. But now I am THANKFUL that all of yesterday’s darkness is my today's GRATEFUL LIGHT. Thanks, be to our forgiving GOD I am a joyful GRANDMOTHER. I see things much better that I could not see in the ’80s. I understand most things very differently now. THANKFULLY unto GOD, I have moved on from being an ”oh woe is me” mother. To an OH THANKFUL IS ME” mother and grandmother. GOD has given me another opportunity to be one of the best teachers by example for my grown children and grandchildren. My mistakes and accomplishments are excellent tools to help them navigate through their lives and many decisions. Hallelujah and THANK YOU JESUS. This is a Spirit-led post. I am not sure who all it is going to bless but I do know GOD put it in my heart to share my abbreviated parental testimony. This testimony is for someone who is considering abandoning their career and becoming a stay home parent or helping more grandmothers/grandfathers during this worldwide pandemic.

The Challenge:

Read 2 Timothy 1:7. Then, pray and ask GOD to lead you in ”HIS WILL” for your life regardless of your desire to be a married or single working parent. Don't let what you see or think to stagnate the Super Powers Of GOD!

Call To Action:

Mom's and Dad’s gather your children together and PRAY and lay THANKFUL hands of blessings on them. Grandparents contact your children and ask how can you serve and help them more with your blessed dear grandchildren

O. M. Nugget:

As Christian parents and grandparents, we need to let our children and grandchildren know, we live what we believe.

Share your thoughts and comments!

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1 Comment

Karen Ogunmusesan
Karen Ogunmusesan
Jan 06, 2021

Amen 🙏🏾 I am learning as a wife, mother and grandmother to stay in prayer consistently about everything concerning the family. It’s a job that we can’t ever retire from. What we put before the Lord in prayer secretly, as we plant seeds of righteousness, He will reward us openly. May our (parenting) labor prosper in Christ Jesus Holy Name amen 🙏🏾

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