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Beloved O.M. Family, I absolutely love smart phones, preferably iPhones. Smart t.v.’s are among my list of smart technology too. They have the ability to repeat, rewind and record as many times necessary. My praise and worship playlist is usually on repeat because I love to worship and praise GOD. Google archives say that there are 100 praise scriptures in the Bible. That’s three months worth of daily learning a different PRAISE THE LORD SCRIPTURE and at least ten scriptures left over. That’s more than enough to stay busy giving GOD all the praise, honor and glory. Today, I shake my head thinking about the power of repeat and rewind. And, even more importantly how our mental faculties have the ability to rewind and repeat. IF, we used those two supernatural abilities to honor GOD 24/7 our PANDEMIC FEAR PEDOMETER definitely would not be so high. We constantly hear faith over fear, we wear t-shirts that read faith over fear, we shout out faith over fear but we are still AFRAID. Remember, “For GOD hath not given us the Spirit of FEAR; but of POWER, and LOVE, and a SOUND MIND.” (2 Timothy 1.7) Fear is real and we all suffer from it. However, FAITH is real too. That’s why GOD gave us all measures of it. Faith in GOD dispels fear of the enemy and all his attempts to kill, steal and destroy our Faith in GOD. IF, we would activate our mental faculties to repeat and rewind just one faith scripture daily perhaps Our FAITH over FEAR would be as GOD created it to be in HIS word in Isaiah 43:1, “Don't fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine." Dear Heavenly FATHER, Thank you for giving us divine ability to repeat and rewind our mental faculties to praise and worship you. May our sincere praise and worship develop unequivocal faith over fear. In JESUS name, Amen. O. M. Nugget: “TO OVERCOME WEAK FAITH OVER STRONG FEAR...REPEAT AND REWIND GOD’S WORD...” Expository Study: Judges 6:1-35. O.Ministries Inc. Strong At Work Helping Spread The Good News In 2020.

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