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Beloved O.M. Family,

I enjoy waking up before dawn on Sunday mornings. When GOD’s spirit is the marrow in your soul EDIFICATION is virtually second nature. It is an honor and privilege to edify the body of CHRIST. Even more enjoyable as a servant for the LORD is to wake up and hear GOD speaking out loud. I woke up this morning hearing GOD say...”IN TIMES LIKE THESE WE NEED A SHEPHERD KEEPER.” Immediately, I thought about Psalm 23:1-6. It identifies who the true Shepherd is and what the true Shepherd joyfully does for those who Love HIM... “IN TIMES LIKE THESE...” As, I mediated deeper a revelation came to me. JESUS, cannot be a or the Shepherd Keeper to anyone who doesn’t allow HIM to have full access into their daily lives. “IN TIMES LIKE THESE...” we all need the Shepherd Keeper to keep us strong, focused and alert. Remember, Shepherds are the keepers of your soul. Shepherds protect and watch over their flock. Danger of a stranger cannot survive in the pasture of the good Shepherd Keeper. Spiritual and natural food is not a want in the pasture of the good Shepherd keeper. The good Shepherd Keeper keeps ALL the flock knitted closely together. In other words...A good Shepherd Keeper have been assigned by GOD to have authority and charge of over the people GOD assigns them to. The Shepherd Keeper is to guard and protect the sheep at ALL times. Especially...”IN TIMES LIKE THESE.” Question: Are you being a good Shepherd keeper to those GOD has assigned you to? Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being the perfect Shepherd Keeper among all of your people on this earth. May the Holy Spirit help all of your dear children to be better Shepherd Keepers in times like these. Amen In JESUS name. O.M. Nugget: “GOD’S JUDGEMENT BOOK HAS A RECORD OF ALL GOOD AND BAD SHEPHERD KEEPERS...” Expository Reading: Psalm 121:1-7. John 10:1-30. O.Ministries Inc. Strong At Work Helping Spread The Good News In 2020

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