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National Day of Prayer...

Beloved O.M. Family, Today...Is an opportunity to purposely have prayer service all day. May we prepare the altar of our heart and mind to PRAY to our living GOD who is able to more than we could think of to pray.(Ephesians 3:20)

Today...let us join in total national solidarity and SERVE our country in CORPORATE PRAYER for the remainder of this day. “IF” we ever needed prayer for America and the world it is now. . .2 Chronicles 7:14, Jeremiah 33:3.

Dear Heavenly FATHER ,

May hot prayer coals of fire burn within our hearts and soul to pray for our country, our national, state, city leaders and the world at large. May we remember all the essential workers, those who are jobless, those who are not essential workers but risk their lives working in unsafe places. May the Holy Spirit be at work to help us pray for your will to be done in our country and on this earth. Thank you FATHER for always knowing what’s best for the world when it seems like total discombobulation. May your Grace and Mercy be our prayer anchor this national prayer day. In JESUS name amen.

~O.Ministries Inc.

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