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O Ministries Inc. Celebrates Week of the Young Child

Saluting My 1st Grandson “Roman Elliot Watson.


“Week of the Young Child” April 2-8, 2022. The annual event honors young children, their families, and the adults who shape their early development. During the Week of the Young Child, we celebrate early childhood teachers who help build healthy young brains and bodies that prepare children for success in school and life. As a former public school educator, I continue to enjoy and look for ways to celebrate this annual event with my grandchildren. In October 2021, I went to Africa and had a beautiful, unforgettable experience with GOD’s young children and adult children.

My grandchildren have become my young students in the classroom. If I were still in the public school classroom, I would share my pictures and videos with my students. After promising to share the pictures with my grandson and his siblings for months, It escaped my mind each time I was with them. But to no avail, Roman kept asking about the pictures at the most impromptu times. So, today I would like to honor my word to my relentless grandson and his siblings, the young children and adult children of O Ministries Inc, my prized pictures while I was in Ghana, Africa.

Thank you, Roman Elliott Watson, for pushing Gran-Gran to share her 1st missions trip experience to Africa. #XOXO

O Ministries Inc. Strong At Work 2022

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