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It Is Still The Great Commission...

“He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16: 15.

When you come into your own personal awareness about the ”great commission” nothing else seems to be relevant. The more I think about all JESUS suffered the more I understand the GREAT COMMISSION’s command for my life on this earth. My biological family and I recently finished a five-day challenge entitled ”Dare to GO.” It all started with a thought-provoking question: What does your GO look like. After we studied Matthew and Mark’s eye witness accounts of JESUS’s last words and testimony we concluded that our GO wasn't vertically being obedient. The five-day challenge solidified in my personal life NOTHING matters except to OBEY the great commission with strategic haste behind it. We can clearly see


The pandemic being the most recent fearful sign. Even though the PANDEMIC is real it is causing a great social distance divide. We still have to focus and be more creative toward saving souls. There are many excellent encouraging virtual ministries going forward and we thank GOD for that. But, real encouragement is Soul Winning! Wake up O. Ministries Family and dare to get BOLD and tell the world JESUS is coming back sooner than we think. Let the world know IF you’re not ready JESUS’s way your living for HIM is in vain. It's your born again Christian duty to witness to your family, friends, and everyone. We all should have a Win Souls and Transform Lives for CHRIST record. Imagine, when GOD calls your name in the book of eternal life and HE says, ”John/Mary well done, you witnessed and won many souls for my kingdom.”

I desperately envision that happening to me. The more I personally think about the great commission my soul-winning mission is focused on asking everyone: IS ALL WELL? Remember, believing Christians can lose sight of the cross to. Judas and Peter JESUS’s disciples did, so did many others in the Bible. As like for today's times. Many people are estranged from GOD. Living their way. It seems like everyone has a personal way that does not include GOD’s HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS WAY. While still saying I am CHRISTIAN. The Bible is the ”Fact Checker” for everyone. Family, your witness is very important because many who are thinking their ALL IS WELL are in for a huge disappointment.

What is JESUS saying about your all is well?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for deputizing us to go and make disciples. May all you equipped us with be our anchor to winning souls. In JESUS name amen.

Amen in JESUS name.

Food for thought:

Jesus promised HE was going to prepare a heavenly place. A place for the obedient ones living and doing business on this earth HIS way...(John 14:1-3.)

O.M. Nugget:


Expository Study:

  • Luke 14:15-35

Thank You~Eternal Blessings,

O.Ministries Inc. Strong At Work For GOD’s Glory And Our Good#2020

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