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“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:” -Joel 2:28

From the subject, one might say that PROPHETIC-RISING is not a word. Well, I have good news. Different PROPHETIC words may not be in Webster’s dictionary, but they are in GOD’s PROPHETIC DICTIONARY. When I first heard GOD say PROPHETIC-RISING, I ran to the dictionary- the Bible dictionary, the Bible concordance- and there was no PROPHETIC-RISING.

Then suddenly, our Holy GOD announced to me, “THAT IS MY WORD WITH MY NAME ON IT.” I was stunned by such a profound supernatural announcement. I sensed that GOD was saying He is shifting the TIMES and FALSE PROPHETS in the Prophetic Seasons. He is calling for His Chosen, Authentic, Holy, and Righteous Prophetic Warriors to come forth.

There is a Holy Remanent emerging now and being prepared by GOD to SUDDENLY take position and soar in the Prophetic realm. GOD is preparing His new anointed ones to take flight in Him in a NON-TRADITIONAL and UNCONVENTIONAL manner. This shift will be unlike what natural men or most spiritual men have ever seen.

It will be a “TAKE OVER SPIRIT” by the Holy GOD infused in His chosen ones to speak through His Holy Spirit Prophetically. This new Prophetic Wave from the LORD is not for the fearful and shallow Christians. It is for the CHOSEN ones by GOD. O. Ministries Inc. family, I don’t know your relationship with the LORD, but I know NOW is the TIME to let GOD Spiritually “RE-POSITION” you to take flight in His Holy Spirit to hear, to see, and to do what the natural can not do. Your service will be for His Glory and your Prophetic deeper-higher good. I hear GOD saying now, “COME NOW THERE IS ROOM IN MY NEW TRUE PROPHETIC HOUSE FOR YOU.”



“For many are called (invited, summoned), but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14 AMP


Thank you for Your Holy Spirit taking charge and raising your new Elijah and Deborah for this end-time dispensation. May Your Holy Spirit blow winds of anointed Holy Oil on us to prepare us for sacred service unto You now. In JESUS Holy name. Amen.

O M Nugget:


Expository study:

  • Joel 2:1-32

Food For Thought:

“Obeying a prophetic call to action brings positive benefits.”-Sherry K. White

O Ministries Inc. Strong At Work 2024

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